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Local Acoustic Musicians

Live Music Every Sunday

A variety of local musicians play every Sunday 12-4pm, at Tuck’s Gas Bar.  This is an indoor and outdoor licensed area where you can enjoy an ice cold beer, cooler or a glass of wine while you relax in the shade.

Local craft beer, cider and wine!!

Check Out Brian

Bet You Didnt Expect a Helicopter Ride

This attraction is weather dependant. For more information about the helicopter tours contact Great Lakes Helicopter

Tons of Fun Around Here

You never know what to expect, but the family is going to leave smiling

Sunday Cruise In

Classic Cars Every Sunday! Every Sunday customs, hot rods and classic cars come to show off their unique cars in our reserved VIP parking at “Tuck’s Gas Bar”

We Even Have a Ferris Wheel!

Greda at Tucks

Meet Gerda, Grand Bend’s best Bartender at Tuck’s Gas Bar

A perfect place to cool down on a hot day!

Stay For a Beer?

We’re Full of Suprises

If this isn’t enough we have more to explore.

Check Out Our Events

2023 Events Coming Soon!

Don’t Forget to Enjoy a Vintage Game or Two

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