Street Food Sundays

Pinery Market has never tasted this delicious before.  We are rolling in food trucks serving some great eats.  We are not talking about your regular cut fry truck we are talking trucks who are driving culinary innovation.  Canadians love the food truck culinary culture and we are here to showcase some of what makes this culture thrive.  If you are looking for an exciting new food experience these trucks will not let you down.  The foodies will revel finding tasty things they have never tried before.  There are so many options and flavours to choose from.  No matter what your taste you will find something to satisfy your hunger.

Don’t miss your chance to savor food from several vendors all at our one location.  Enjoy the food trucks while you can before they pull away from our curb.  Experience the food diversity as part of your Pinery Market experience.  Come hungry leave satisfied.


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